Every new day adds a day to the past. What used to be tomorrow is today and then, before you know it, itʼs yesterday. Youʼre better off thinking about tomorrow. But what about yesterday? Weʼre not even sure it has ever existed. Yet everyone is made up of their own yesterdays. Without them we are not us. My yesterday and yours are two disparate worlds. I know everything about mine (do I?), but I know nothing about yours, or almost nothing. However, we both make history and we both will eventually dissolve in it, imperceptibly and completely. We are separate threads on a single canvas. This series is dedicated to othersʼ yesterdays, which I havenʼt experienced, yet they seem to be part of me as well.



The series features antique photos set within old folk embroidery. The photos are lit by a light source mounted right behind them making both sides visible. The viewer sees both the commemorative inscription and the respective image at the same time.